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is a simple meat. All you need are a few spices, vinegar, the right meat, and a vacuum-sealable hot metal box (easier to get than it sounds).

Growing up my dad would tinker with these ingredients from his youth, having left Johannesburg in his 20s. We had plenty of Biltong, playing with recipes from purely salt & pepper to miso & soy. We even played around trying to get our family recipes in local stores for a while.

With my main job as a media analyst for Google, I recognized that we could cut costs by selling direct from our partner farms in North Carolina. The back end systems we put in place help us keep prices competitive with the jerky industry, both for a higher grade of meat and using no artificial chemical processing.

The Meat Empire is our attempt at getting our favorite recipes to you, for a higher quality product at a cost competitive with the market.

I hope you enjoy the Biltong and Droëwors as much as we do, and please feel free to Contact Us at anytime. 


-Quinn, Francisco, & Neil