Where do you ship? What is your shipping policy?

Currently, we ship to all states within the continental US.

Product will be prepared & shipped via USPS Priority Mail & will arrive 2-3 days after being sent out. Note that up to three pounds of meat has the same shipping price as a half-pound of meat due to USPS policy on weight.

What is the difference between Biltong & Jerky?

Traditional American jerky is typically a combination of left over meats, cut into strips, and smoked along with additives & nitrate preservatives.

Biltong on the other hand is cured (like prosciutto) as an entire slab in low, dry heat for at least a few weeks. It is then cut into smaller pieces once it has been fully cured. Our Biltong is either Bottom Round or Top Serloin cut. No artificial preservatives necessary! 

Is your meat gluten free?

It's meat. Do you know what gluten is? 

How do I order wholesale?

Please email me: TheMeatEmpire@Gmail.com for discounted wholesale rates & shipping expectations.

What is the difference between Biltong & Droëwors?

Biltong is cured meat in spices, and Droewors is a slightly different process that produces a thinner, chewier meat due to the increased speed of the drying cycle with spices on the inner casing rather than outer layer. Due to this speed, it should be kept in dry areas. There are also no artificial preservatives in Droëwors as with Biltong.

What the hell is Peri Peri?

An earthy spice, a bit like Paprika but hotter and warmer flavors. You'll never go back once you try it, trust me,

How long does it last?

If stored in a cool space (fridge, wine cellar, etc) it can last for months. Stored at room temperature or above will last several weeks, as long as it is sealed again after opening. 

Update: The Stick is double-sealed but more open to shipping faults that speed up the aeration process of the meat. It should be kept it a fridge to be able to last for months. It will still keep for a week at room temperature. If left out too long it will develop mold, but as it's fully cured the mold will not penetrate the tough outer layer of the meat. If you take a cotton swap with vinegar you can wipe it clean and it will be good to go!

What is your return & refund policy?

Unfortunately there are no returns. If the meat arrives in poor quality for any reason, reach out to TheMeatEmpire@gmail.com for a full refund and/or a new shipment.

What payment options do you accept?

We use Stripe for payments, which accepts the following: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.